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Calimera Blend Paradise Resort

Calimera Blend Paradise Resort is a large complex with Several pools, bars, restaurants, and various room types. It’s located 17 KM south of Hurghada and has one of Egypt’s largest Aqua Parks on the beach. Guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay with access to various activities

Blend Club Aqua Resort

Blend Club Aqua Resort offers excellent value for money, with amenities such as two pools, an aqua park, a beach, and dining options. Guests can relax or be active, enjoying a memorable holiday overlooking the Red Sea.

Blend Elphistone Resort

Escape the city and experience a serene retreat at Blend Elphistone Resort. Located on the picturesque Elphinstone Reef, the resort offers a unique opportunity to explore exotic marine life. With a carefully crafted ambiance, it ultimately paves the way to relaxation and refinement for a truly exceptional travel experience.

5 Springs Aqua Park

Join us at one of the largest Aqua Parks on the Red Sea, located directly on the beach. With 36 features, our park provides an exhilarating aquatic experience filled with bright emotions and unforgettable memories.

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